State Funds

State Funds
Review common requirements of state funding sources, learn how they align to Superkids Reading Program and Happily Ever After, and research funds in your state.

Alignment Charts


  • AASA Grants & Funding Resource - Find grants using the American Association of School Administrators resource page.
  • Recovery Act Spending - Monitor how Recovery funds are being spent by recipients of contracts, grants, and loans, and the distribution of Recovery entitlements and tax benefits.
  • IRA Awards & Grants - Use the International Reading Association’s resource page to find awards and grants for literacy programs and services.
  • NCTE Elementary Grants - Identify grants that support elementary schools by using the National Council of Teachers of English website.
  • North Carolina Bright Ideas - Apply to fun, innovative, classroom--based projects.
  • State Websites - Find state-specific funds by researching the department of education website in your state.