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A Peek into the Curriculum Materials

Happily Ever After is organized into 10 units of instruction. Big Books of children’s classics form the foundation of the instruction.

Happily Ever After Student Materials

Big Books

Big Book - Little Red Riding Hood
The Big Book for each unit contains a classic story, richly illustrated. The Big Books in the first 5 units contain pictures only. The Big Books in the last 5 units contain a limited amount of text summarizing the main idea of each page to provide opportunities for print and book awareness instruction.


The CDs have narrations of the stories as well as activities to develop listening comprehension, auditory discrimination, and direction-following skills.

Take-Home Storybooks

Take-Home Storbook
Children make their own small version of the Big Book to take home and share with their family. They are encouraged to retell the story using the pictures as reminders.

Concept Boards

Concept Board
In the first lesson of each unit, a large laminated Concept Board is used to introduce to the whole class new concepts such as a color, a shape, and key vocabulary words. The teacher uses a crayon on these wipe-off boards to demonstrate skills. Students write on the boards, too.

Student Activity Pages

Student Activity Pages
After new ideas are introduced on the Concept Board, they are practiced on individual Student Activity Pages. Students color, trace, cut, fold, and glue on these pages to develop fine motor skills. For continuity, all activities relate to the story. Lessons on CD coordinate with select Activity Pages in each unit for direction-following and auditory discrimination activities.

Letter and Color Recognition

Letter and Color Recognition
Blackline Masters, Letter Cards, and Tactile Cards are provided for letter recognition activities. Two or three letters are taught in each unit. Color Squares are also provided to help with color identification.

Group Activity Boards

Memory Words
These large laminated boards provide the materials needed for a small-group game, puzzle, or other project. These activities develop social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and working with others.

Take-Home Letters

Take-Home Letters
At the end of each unit, a letter to the child’s family summarizes concepts that were taught in the unit. This goes home along with the small storybook, eight Activity Pages, completed blackline masters, and any art projects done during the unit. The letters are in English and Spanish.