Level 1: Meet the Superkids | Teacher Materials Binder
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A Peek into the Teacher Materials Binder for Level 1

Teacher materials are complete, concise, and manageable.
By providing Teacher’s Guides and other teaching aids that are simple and straightforward to use, the Superkids Reading Program has made it easier for teachers to do what they do best and love most—teach!

Teacher's Material Binder

Handy Teacher’s Binder

All teacher materials are contained in one handy binder. Guides are printed in small, convenient booklets stored in the binder.
Teacher's Binder

Blackline Masters

Blackline masters are bound in one book. They contain reproducible student practice pages for small-group instruction or independent practice plus take-home letters in English and Spanish. To reduce the time and expense of photocopying, a consumable version is available — The Meet the Superkids Practice Pages Workbook.
Meet the Superkids Teacher's Binder


Each Superkid character is introduced with a song that emphasizes the new letter and sound. Other tracks on the seven CDs provide stories and other listening activities for instruction, reinforcement, and enjoyment. The CDs coordinate with the Student Books.
Meet the Superkids Teacher's Binder

Convenient Guides

The 13 Teacher’s Guides have all the lessons to teach the core skills in the corresponding Student Books. All pages in the Student Books are reproduced in color in each guide so that teachers have in one convenient booklet all the information they need to plan a lesson. Blackline masters are also reproduced in the guides.
Meet the Superkids Teacher's Binder

Assessment Book

The Assessment Book contains formal tests, tips for informal assessment, and record-keeping forms. The student record form moves from grade to grade with the student.
Meet the Superkids Teacher's Binder

Additional Resources

These handy resources are also included in the Teacher Materials Binder.

How to Teach Superkids: Levels 1 and 2

How to Teach Superkids: Levels 1 and 2

Quick Guide to Blending

Quick Guide to Blending card

Daily Read-Aloud Routine

Daily Read-Aloud Routine card

Song Lyrics

Song Lyrics booklet
Student Books Super Smart Teacher Materials Binder Teacher's Resource Kit