Why Choose a K-2 Program?

Superkids K-2 Reading Program
Because teaching reading in K-2 is very different from teaching reading in grades 3-5.

A child who cannot read accurately, fluently, and with understanding by the end of second grade will not be able to do the rigorous work the Common Core demands in grades 3-5. Yet, year after year, schools spend money remediating intermediate-grade students who didn’t learn to read the right way at the right time.

What is the right way?

  • Explicit, systematic, phonics-based instruction
  • Extensive, engaging decodable text in K-1
  • Reading integrated with spelling, handwriting, grammar, and written expression
  • Highly motivating materials

What is the right time?

  • The research is conclusive: It’s in the primary grades.

Superkids is the only core reading program created just for K-2.
It prevents reading failure and it has the scores to prove it!