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Word Work Books

Children learn new phonics, spelling, structural analysis, grammar, and vocabulary skills in their Word Work Books. The Superkids adventures continue on the richly illustrated pages, helping keep children engaged in their work. There's one book for each semester.

Phonics and Spelling

Word Work Book pages introduce new sound-spelling patterns and give children lots of practice decoding and encoding words with those patterns.


Word Work Book pages reinforce vocabulary from stories children read in the Readers.

Grammar and Comprehension

The Word Work Book reinforces grammar skills and checks children's understanding of Reader stories. Some pages, like this one, do both at the same time!


The two hard-covered Readers, one for each semester, contain decodable stories, poems, and a play all about the beloved Superkids characters. First graders enjoy reading about the Superkids' everyday adventures, which touch on experiences they may have themselves. At the same time, instruction with the Readers develops children's decoding, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency skills with literary text. Interactive, narrative versions of the stories are available online.

This story example is from the first semester reader.

Super-Duper Mini-Magazines

With fascinating facts and amazing photographs, the 17 Super-Duper mini-magazines engage first graders in real world science, social studies, and arts topics. Children read about games around the world, a trip to a pet clinic, the inside story on muscles, how to maintain a friendship, and more as they decode the phonetically controlled texts. Instruction with Super-Duper helps children learn about informational text features and structures, while also building their content knowledge and vocabulary.

Each topic relates to one or more Reader stories so that children can make comparisons between the fictional world of the Superkids and the real world we live in.

Library Books

The 51 library book titles offer a variety of fiction and informational genres to capture children's diverse interests. The three levels of books—easy, on-level, and challenging—are all written with the same phonetic controls as corresponding units. The books are used for differentiated reading practice and additional small-group comprehension instruction. Interactive narrated versions of the books are available online.

Easy Library

Books in the Easy Library have fewer words per page and shorter sentences than the other library books. The books are good for helping struggling readers build fluency and confidence in their reading abilities.

On-Level Library

Books in the On-Level Library are written at about the same level of difficulty as Reader stories in corresponding units. The books help children build their reading mileage and become more independent readers.

Challenging Library

Books in the Challenging Library have longer, more complex sentences, more words per page, and more challenging vocabulary than the other library books. The books help advanced readers stretch their skills and grow.

Super Smart: Informational Digital Read-Alouds

Super Smart multimedia texts bring science, social studies, and art concepts to life. Teachers read aloud the text and activate the interactive features, including videos, animations, and touch-screen activities. Super Smart builds content knowledge and vocabulary while exposing children to more complex text than they can read themselves.

Through the 17 Super Smart texts, children explore fascinating real-world topics such as wild animals, weather, inventors, outer space, the human body, castles, and the great pyramids.

Teacher Materials

The Teacher's Guide for each unit has a lesson for each day's word work, reading, and writing instruction. The guides are complete, concise, and straightforward to use. Lessons are also available online for teachers to use at home and school.

Word Work Instruction

Each lesson begins with Daily Routines for reinforcing skills, followed by explicit skill instruction using Word Work Book pages. Instruction is thorough, but not scripted.

Reading Instruction

Lessons for each fiction and informational text explain how to build background and vocabulary, guide children's reading, and teach comprehension skills. Differentiation tips are sprinkled throughout the lessons.

Writing Instruction

Writing instruction in each lesson is organized into three parts: instruction and modeling, practice and application, and sharing. Writing mechanics, writing process, and different genres of writing are taught within this structure.

Assessment Books

The Assessment Book for each semester has reproducible tests for assessing comprehension, fluency, and writing. The comprehension assessments can also be taken online. In addition, the books provide tips for informal assessment and record-keeping forms. Online versions of the tests are also available for students to take independently.

Practice Pages Books

The Practice Pages Book for each semester has reproducible pages for reinforcing skills. The pages are also available in consumable workbooks.

Classroom Resource Kit

The Classroom Resource Kit contains resources to enrich instruction.

  • Superkids Skill-Building Book
  • Alphabet Cards
  • Teacher Letter Cards
  • Sound-Spelling Cards
  • Memory Word Flash Cards
  • Words to Know Cards
  • First-Grade Superkids Poster

This book in the Classroom Resource Kit provides activities and resources for differentiating instruction for children who need extra support or more challenge. It covers essential reading and language arts skills taught in all grade levels of the program.

Online Games
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Six fun, interactive games provide practice and reinforcement of decoding, encoding, structural analysis, and comprehension skills. Games coordinate with the skill sequence in the Word Work Books and get more difficult as they progress.
Superkids Online Fun includes class reports that help teachers track student progress. Games can also be played at home for more practice and fun. Superkids Online Fun is available for desktop/laptop computers, iPad, and Android tablets.