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Student Books

Instruction in kindergarten centers around 18 Student Books. The Student Books introduce new skills and provide extensive decoding, encoding, and handwriting practice. This is also where children first meet the Superkids characters and read short stories about them.

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics

The first Student Book page for each unit introduces a new letter and the sound it stands for. Children associate the letter and its sound with objects and actions in the pictures.


Children learn a new letter and letter-sound and then are taught how to write the uppercase and lowercase forms of the letter.


Children learn to decode (read) and encode (spell) words with letters and letter-sounds they've been taught.

Early Reading

Children gain confidence by reading Student Book stories that contain only words with letters and letter-sounds they have been taught. This first story has the letters C, O, G, A, D, and S and one sound for each.

Later Reading

Student Book stories get longer and more complex as children learn new letters and sounds and can decode more words.

Teacher Materials

Teacher's Guides and other teaching aids are complete, concise, and straightforward to use. These materials are provided:

  • Student Book Teacher's Guides
  • Writing Teacher's Guides
  • Super Smart Teacher's Guides
  • Assessment Books
  • Practice Pages Books

Student Book Teacher's Guides

The guides provide all the lessons for teaching the core skills in the corresponding Student Books. Instruction is explicit and thorough, but not scripted.

Story Lessons

Student Book Teacher's Guides also have lessons to help guide children's comprehension as they read stories in the Student Books. Differentiation tips are included.

Writing Teacher's Guides

The guides provide three to five writing lessons for each unit. Each writing lesson has three parts: instruction and modeling, practice and application, and sharing.

Super Smart Teacher's Guides

The guides have a lesson for teaching each Super Smart Informational Digital Read-Aloud text. Lessons guide comprehension and build content knowledge and vocabulary.

Assessment Books

The two Assessment Books contain reproducible tests, tips for informal assessment, and record-keeping forms. Online versions of the tests are also available for students to take independently.

Practice Pages Books

The two Practice Pages Books have reproducible pages for skills practice. The pages are also available in consumable workbooks.

Leveled Libraries

The library books are used for differentiated reading practice and comprehension instruction. Libraries feature titles for every unit plus a 10-book Informational Text Library, for a total of 53 titles. The books are decodable with the same phonetic controls as corresponding Student Book units.

Narrated and interactive versions of each book are available online in the Teacher Portal.

The Teacher's Guide for each library provides a lesson for each book title. Lessons help develop comprehension and vocabulary and include a Practice Page for each book.

Super Smart: Informational Digital Read-Alouds

The 24 Super Smart multimedia texts bring science, social studies, and art concepts to life. Teachers read aloud the text and activate the interactive features, including videos, animations, and touch-screen activities. Super Smart builds content knowledge and vocabulary while exposing children to more complex text than they can read themselves.

Super Smart prepares children for information presented in books and multimedia—the way this generation of students will learn.

Classroom Resource Kit

The Classroom Resource Kit contains a variety of manipulatives and resources to support whole-group, small-group, and individual instruction.

  • Superkids Skill-Building Book
  • Alphabet Cards
  • Tactile Cards of letters
  • Picture Cards
  • Teacher Letter Cards
  • Student Letter Cards
  • Superkids Kindergarten Posters
  • Superkids' Chart and Super Scenes with Clings
  • Ice Cream Paper

This book in the Classroom Resource Kit provides activities and resources for differentiating instruction for children who need extra support or more challenge. It covers essential reading and language arts skills taught in all grade levels of the program.

Online Games
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Nine interactive games provide practice with letter-sound correspondences, decoding, and encoding. Games coordinate with the skill sequence in the Student Books.
Superkids Online Fun includes class reports that help teachers track student progress. Games can also be played at home for practice and fun. Superkids Online Fun is available for desktop/laptop computers, iPad, and Android tablets.