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Word Work Books

With lively illustrations, crossword puzzles, mazes, and other game-like activities, the Word Work books make learning fun! Children hone their phonics, spelling, structural analysis, and vocabulary skills as they complete the workbook pages. There's one book for each semester.


Each sound-spelling pattern is introduced in the Word Work Book with a tip from Ms. Blossom, the Superkids' teacher. Children then practice the skill in the activity on the page.


Weekly spelling lists have 12 words. Children practice the spelling words on Word Work Book pages throughout the week.


Word Work Book pages give children practice with synonyms, antonyms, homophones, and other vocabulary skills.


Word Work Book pages teach and reinforce parts of speech, verb tenses, punctuation, and other grammar, usage, and mechanics skills.


The Reader for each semester is a collection of entertaining stories about the Superkids' ups and downs in second grade. The text is phonetically controlled to align with skills taught in the Word Work Books. Children exercise their decoding skills and build fluency as they read a short, two-page Reader story every day.

The Superkids stories deal with social and emotional issues second graders can relate to, such as being teased, getting along with friends, overcoming fears, working as part of a team, and having difficulties with school work.

SUPER Magazines

With fascinating articles and amazing photographs, the eight issues of SUPER magazine engage second graders in real world science, social studies, and arts topics. Children read about unusual animals, inventors and explorers, cultural traditions, interesting jobs, and more.

Small-group guided reading with SUPER magazine teaches children about informational text features and structures, while also building their content vocabulary and knowledge.

Book Club

The 16 Book Club titles provide well-loved trade-book fiction to appeal to children's diverse interests and reading abilities. The books cover a wide variety of fiction genres including realistic fiction, fantasy, fairy tales, mystery, and historical fiction. Small-group guided reading instruction with Book Club books expands children's comprehension of literary texts.

Each title has a Book Talk Mini-Journal with text-dependent questions for children to answer as they read the book. The journals help deepen comprehension and strengthen writing skills.

Teacher Materials

The Teacher Materials are complete, concise, and straightforward to use.
These materials are provided:

  • Whole Class Teacher's Guides
  • SUPER Magazine Teacher's Guides
  • Book Club Teacher's Guides
  • Assessment Books
  • Backpack Pages Books
  • Cursive Handwriting Teacher Edition

Whole Class Teacher's Guides

Each lesson in the Whole Class Teacher's Guides begins with Daily Routines for reinforcing and assessing recently taught skills. Lessons continue with step-by-step instruction for teaching skills using Word Work Book pages, followed by fluency instruction and practice with the two-page Reader story for the day.

Writing Instruction

Every lesson in the Whole Class Teacher's Guides also includes daily writing instruction. Lessons teach the writing process, mechanics, and how to write different types of text. Throughout the school year, children write their own personal narratives, fiction stories, research reports, how-to texts, book reviews, opinion speeches, and more.

SUPER Magazine Teacher's Guides

The SUPER Magazine Teacher's Guides provide ten lessons for teaching each issue of the magazine. Lessons explain how to guide children as they read each article, teach key comprehension skills for informational texts, and build content knowledge and vocabulary.

Book Club Teacher's Guides

The Book Club Teacher's Guides provide ten lessons for teaching each book. Lessons explain how to guide children's reading as they read, teach key comprehension skills for literary texts, and build vocabulary and fluency.

Assessment Books

The Assessment Book for each semester contains reproducible formal tests for assessing comprehension, fluency, and writing. The comprehension assessments can also be taken online. In addition, the books provide tips for informal assessment and record-keeping forms. Online versions of the tests are also available for students to take independently.

Backpack Pages Books

The Backpack Pages Book for each semester has reproducible spelling and fluency activities for homework each week.

Cursive Handwriting Teacher Edition

The Zaner-Bloser Handwriting 2C Teacher Edition is included in the Teacher Materials box. Lessons teach all 26 lowercase and uppercase cursive letters and numerals 1–10, along with strategies for making writing legible. Consumable Student Edition workbooks and Practice Masters are available.

Classroom Resource Kit

The Classroom Resource Kit contains a variety of materials and resources to support whole-group, small-group, and individual instruction.

  • Superkids Skill-Building Book
  • Sound-Spelling Cards
  • Words to Know Cards
  • Second-Grade Superkids Poster

Superkids Skill-Building Book

This book in the Classroom Resource Kit provides activities and resources for differentiating instruction for children who need extra support or more challenge. It covers essential reading and language arts skills taught in all grade levels of the program.

Words to Know Cards

Words to Know Cards support vocabulary instruction with important Tier II words from the texts children read in each unit.