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In a survey of nearly 700
Superkids teachers, 96% would
unequivocally recommend it!

"The Superkids program builds new skills while constantly reviewing skills already taught. The marriage of phonemic awareness, phonics, writing, spelling, and decoding is fabulous. It does it all! Most important, the kids love it. They love meeting the Superkids, and they love learning to read."

Beth Leonard
Kindergarten Teacher, Texas

"Superkids works for English Language Learners."

Kevin Coyne
South Ozone Park, NY

"Superkids has great pacing, allowing students time to practice new sounds and skills. If needed there are materials for differentiated instruction. I especially like the extensive decodable text since students do not encounter words with letter-sounds they haven't yet learned. They are really reading, not guessing."

Lyndsay Dillaway
First Grade Teacher, Massachusetts

"I'm truly impressed by
our students' growth."

Dr. Jeffrey Zwiebel
Pottsville, PA

"I feel we have struck gold with the second grade program! Superkids has thought of everything with the different reading components. I could not be happier with this program. It has so much to offer teachers and students."

Jenny Loch
Second Grade Teacher, Minnesota

"Our Title I numbers
were cut in half,
thanks to Superkids."

Laurel Dorsey
Strasburg, OH

"Superkids has an excellent sequence of skill instruction followed by immediate application and practice. The teacher's editions are very well written and easy to follow."

Mary Beth Kuriger
First Grade Teacher, Pennsylvania

"Parents love it! We only
get positive comments."

Jennifer Kendall
Grosse Point, MI

"While my class's exceptional reading growth shows the excellence of this program, it's the highly relevant material that makes it a joy to teach this program. A treat came when we traveled to the local zoo for a field trip. The class erupted with enthusiasm when we saw the same leaf bug featured in this month's SUPER Magazine!"

Susan Curtis
Second Grade Teacher, Indiana

"Third graders are scoring
better than ever!"

Richard Page
Dennison, OH