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Curriculum Materials

Happily Ever After is organized into 10 units of instruction. Big Books of children's classics form the foundation of the instruction.

The Big Book for each unit contains a classic story, richly illustrated. The Big Books in the first 5 units contain pictures only. The Big Books in the last 5 units contain a limited amount of text summarizing the main idea of each page to provide opportunities for print and book awareness instruction.

Children make their own small version of the Big Book to take home and share with their family. They are encouraged to retell the story using the pictures as reminders.

In the first lesson of each unit, a large laminated Concept Board is used to introduce to the whole class new concepts such as a color, a shape, and key vocabulary words. The teacher uses a crayon on these wipe-off boards to demonstrate skills. Students write on the boards, too.

After new ideas are introduced on the Concept Board, they are practiced on individual Student Activity Pages. Students color, trace, cut, fold, and glue on these pages to develop fine motor skills. For continuity, all activities relate to the story. Lessons on CD coordinate with select Activity Pages in each unit for direction-following and auditory discrimination activities

These large laminated boards provide the materials needed for a small-group game, puzzle, or other project. These activities develop social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and working with others.

Teacher Materials and Binder

By providing Teacher's Guides and other resources that are simple and straightforward to use, Happily Ever After makes it easier for teachers to do what they do best and love most—teach!

Blackline Masters are bound in one book and contain activities for review and reinforcement, patterns for art projects, and take-home letters.

One set of 26 rough, glittery letters provides kinesthetic reinforcement of each letter's shape.

One set of uppercase letters and one set of lowercase letters are used by students for letter recognition activities.

Ten colors plus a red dot (a total of 11 perforated sheets) aid students in visual development and color identification.

All Big Book pages, Concept Boards, Group Activity Boards, Activity Pages, and Blackline Masters are reproduced in each guide so that teachers have all the information they need to plan and teach a lesson in one easy-to-handle booklet.

Lesson Plans

Each unit is designed to take about two weeks, depending on the length of the school day and children's abilities.

Lesson Overview
Summarizes each step of the lesson

Important Daily Routines
Focus on print awareness and working with sounds

Pleasant's Pointers
Instructional tips from the author

Ten-Minute Tuck-Ins
Activities to reteach, reinforce, and extend instruction

Step-by-Step Instruction
Helps teachers move smoothly from key point to key point

Lasting Lessons
Relate key concepts in the story to behavioral choices children make in their own lives

Project Corner
Cross-curricular activities that relate to the story

Books to Read Aloud
Suggestions for trade books found in most libraries that relate to the concepts and themes introduced in a unit