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One hallmark of any successful implementation is collaborative, classroom-focused, ongoing professional development. Superkids schools find that adding one or more of the following services increases program understanding and builds best instructional practices that maximize a successful implementation.
Standard Services
Foundations of Reading Instruction

Participants leave this session understanding how the neural pathways for reading are formed; what systematic, explicit instruction really means; and how Superkids instruction applies research findings.

Maximum number of participants: 40  

Grade-Level Meetings

Superkids teachers gather to share successes and address identified areas of need in order to strengthen classroom practices.

Implementation Training

A half-day session or 90-minute webinar is provided for each grade level. Participants engage in lessons and learn the effective, evidence-based instructional strategies of the program. Teachers and support personnel will leave prepared to implement Superkids and use all program materials.

"Next Steps" Training for Experienced Superkids Teachers

This session is designed to deepen the understanding of the Superkids program and practices, with emphasis on grouping students, teaching diagnostically, differentiating instruction, and classroom management.

Administrator Training

This 90-minute session or webinar provides an overview of the entire Superkids K–2 program, equipping administrators with an understanding of the research basis of Superkids and best classroom practices.

Coaching Visits

Coaching visits provide one-on-one support for each teacher. The classroom visit can include lesson feedback as well as discussion of topics chosen by the teacher—focusing on best practices for maximum results. During the day or after school, the coach may meet with administrators, support staff, and groups of teachers.

Superkids Leaders Training

In this customized train-the-trainer program, our coaches— highly trained primary educators—train literacy leaders to provide support for teachers in their district or building.

Advanced Teacher Portal Training

During this hands-on session, participants will enhance their Superkids instruction by sharpening their use of online tools and resources in the teacher portal.

Standard Services Pricing

  • $2,700 per day*
  • Superkids Leaders Training: Contact your sales representative for a customized plan and pricing.
  • Pricing is for one trainer/facilitator. Quotes for more than one trainer are available upon request.
  • Discounts may be available for multiple services.
  • Webinar pricing is available upon request.

For more information about our professional development offerings,
or to purchase standard services, please call 888-378-9258

Best Practices in Literacy Seminars and Workshops

The sessions on this page and the next are designed to deepen educators’ knowledge of pre-K–2 literacy topics and can be custom-designed to meet your specific needs. Sessions are standards-based and are appropriate for users and non-users of the Superkids program.


High Impact Comprehension Strategies: Scaffolding Primary Readers to Complex Text

This interactive workshop focuses on research-based instructional strategies that allow educators to teach beginning readers to read words and make meaning simultaneously.

Reading to Learn WHILE Learning to Read: Meeting the Standards for Informational Texts, K–2

In this hands-on workshop, teachers will learn how to evaluate the quality of informational texts and use them to support students’ decoding, vocabulary, and comprehension skills and strategies.

Implementing Brain-Based Foundations of Early Literacy: A Multimodal, Integrated Approach

Participants leave this session understanding how the neural pathways for reading are formed; what systematic, explicit instruction really means; and how to implement practical strategies for the research-based principles of reading instruction.

Thinking & Teaching Diagnostically: Differentiating Instruction for Success with All Beginning Readers

Session participants explore how to differentiate instruction based on the needs of students—providing a template for understanding the reading process, forming skills-based groups, and delivering effective instruction.

Providing Effective Instructional Support in Superkids Classrooms

This interactive workshop will focus on expanding the support roles of paraprofessionals and volunteers working with Superkids teachers and students. Suggestions for supporting Superkids students during whole-group and small-group lessons will be shared, modeled, and practiced.

Meeting Individual Needs: Planning Tier 2 Lessons to Support Superkids Core Instruction

Through this hands-on session, teachers who provide intervention support services will be prepared to create targeted Tier 2 lessons aligned to core Tier 1 instruction. Teachers will explore program resources designed especially for targeted Tier 2 instruction and collaborate with peers in developing sample lesson plans for effective intervention.

The Science of Reading and the Art of Teaching Superkids

In this series of six intensive, full-day sessions, teachers explore and discuss the “how” and “why” of evidence-based teaching practices for beginning reading as well as connections to the Superkids instructional path.

Early Literacy

The Building Blocks of Literacy: Developing Literacy Interests and Abilities During the Preschool Years

Session participants will learn strategies for developing children’s phonological and phonemic awareness abilities, alphabet knowledge, and print knowledge and will gain ideas for creating a motivating environment for learning to read and write.

PreK and the BIG FIVE: Building a Firm Foundation for Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, & Comprehension

This full-day session focuses on the design of developmentally appropriate and meaningful instructional experiences to facilitate the acquisition of pre-reading and beginning reading literacy skills. An expanded series of five sessions is also available.


Developing Young Writers

K–2 educators will explore the connections between reading and writing as well as ways teachers can help children develop their alphabetic knowledge and use the writing process approach to produce opinion, informative, and narrative writing.

Writing to Communicate: Using the Six Traits in the Writing Process

This session explores the traits and their relationship to the writing process. Participants will learn strategies to support mastery of the new standards and will address trait management using exemplar models and genre-specific rubrics.

Language Arts

Encouraging Children to Talk! Building Communication and Language Reasoning in the Preschool & Primary Grades

In this interactive workshop, participants will learn how to strengthen children’s oral language and communication skills by analyzing children’s ability to use language for a variety of purposes, examining ways to informally assess oral language, and exploring ways to use assessment information.

Developing Vocabulary in the Primary Grade Classroom

During this interactive workshop, teachers will explore the what, when, why, and how of vocabulary development for children in the early grades.

Seminars and Workshops Pricing

  • $3,500 per day *
  • Pricing is for one trainer/facilitator. Quotes for more than one trainer are available upon request.
  • Each workshop has a limit of 40 participants to allow for interaction and hands-on activities.
    Prices include all trainer and materials costs. Schools/districts must provide only the location(s)
    for the workshop.

For more information about our professional development offerings,
or to purchase a seminar or workshop, please call 888-378-9258